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Your Money, Your Way

For a breakdown of our funding options, including fees, processing time and deposit/ withdrawal limits, please see the table below. To make a deposit, log into the Client Area and click on ‘Deposit’. If you have any questions regarding deposits or withdrawals, feel free to contact us.

Payment Type Deposit processing time Min Deposit Max Deposit Deposit Fees Withdrawal Fees
Visa/Master Card Instant $250 $5000 None $10
Wire Transfer 3 - 5 business days $1,000 $25,000 None 2%
Bitcoin Up to 60 mins $200 Unlimited None Varies*
Ethereum Up to 60 mins $200 Unlimited None Varies*
Tether (USDT) Up to 60 mins $200 Unlimited None Varies*
USDC Up to 60 mins $200 Unlimited None Varies*
Monero(Xmr) Up to 30 mins $200 Unlimited None Varies*
Solana (SOL) Up to 10 mins $200 Unlimited None Varies*

Bank / Crypto Fees

4x.Fm does not charge any additional fees for deposits or withdrawals. You should however be aware that you may incur fees on payments to and from some international banking institutions. accepts no responsibility for any such bank fees. *Crypto withdrawal fees are determined by the network.

Security of Funds

When funding your trading account client money is held in secure at AA rated accounts. Electronic payments are processed using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and are encrypted to ensure security. All payment information is confidential and used only for the purpose of funding your trading account with

Third Party Payments

No third party deposits will be accepted. The financial account from which your payment originates must exactly match the name on your trading account. No exceptions. Any third party deposits will be returned to the sender, with the sender absorbing all transaction fees incurred by payment processing.

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